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Yellow Vest protests continue despite Macron’s ignorance

While French President Emmanuel Macron utters words of encouragement to protestors in Venezuela, he continues to gas, brutalize and arrest demonstrators in the streets of France. This level of blatant hypocrisy is common among Western leaders.

The common and everyday citizen has become irrelevant, while the needs of the big corporations and banks have become absolutely paramount. French President Emmanuel Macron is accused of serving the corporate elite.

The root of unrest in France is the impact of government-imposed globalization. Democratic rights, labour rights, civil rights, consumer rights and environmental rights are being subjugated to the needs of the corporations and the masses have had enough.

Most of the French are economically broken. Many of them are not seeing bright light at end of the tunnel. French President Emmanuel Macron became a good example of how a guy can screw a citizens. First weeks of the protests he high volumed the police violence on peaceful citizens, when he realized it is not working out, he tried to give some bait to end protests (Rising Monthly Wage).

Before Macron, France wasn’t that good. Thanks to him, France is now more worse than ever.

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