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While tensions between Iran and the United States increase in the Middle East, what’s the possibility of war?

Intelligence and military officials in Europe as well as in the U.S. said that over the past year, most aggressive moves have originated not in Tehran but in Washington – where Bolton has prodded Trump into backing Iran into a corner.

Bolton was once the architect of another great untruth presented to the American public: the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. We have watched Bolton methodically set the stage for US military action in the Middle East.

This time everything is quite different, and tough to do but let’s shortly check out who would gets benefit from possible war scenario.

Lockheed Martin can get their dream contract from Saudi Arabia because of the insecurities in Middle East. The U.S. gets heavily loaded with loans that they would never pay back. Oil prices would skyrocket in the event of a possible war. Israel can achieve its aims about create more chaos in the Middle East.

What’s the objective of bunch of US officials to calling war bells against Iran?

The U.S. wants dismantle to Iran’s fight capability at every aspect. Which argument the U.S. is using to justify these aggressive attitudes? They says Iran is a threat to Israel. In fact, Iran is quite calm toward Israel for decades. The U.S. can’t get any support from the world with these cheap argument.

Trump’s $110 billion worth arms deal which he praises Saudi Arabia a lot for doesn’t exist. There is no $110 billion deal. Instead, there are a bunch of letters of interest or intent, but not contracts. All this situation creates plastic fear and it might be justify the weapon sale to Gulf states by the U.S.

Why Trump is noticeably calm about Iran while all Washington in rush?

Obviously they have no certain plan about how to knock down Iran. Trump’s bluffs to Iran simply justifies it. He got Kim Jong-un to negotiation table with bluffing but this time it seems like he has been failed about Iran. Trump complains a lot about how oil price is too high, he also knows that any conflict with Iran can damage oil market worse than today.

Trump’s biggest thing he proud of is strong economy. Actually he is defining creating job as a strong economy. Any hard conflict with Iran can make US markets face with rough plunge. The U.S. didn’t had afford losing its own soldiers in Syria because of anti-war trend from its citizens. Get into any conflict or war with Iran will result with immensive lost to the U.S. army. And eventually, this would cause Trump to lose 2020 elections.

Iran is being at the exact position that the U.S. wants from them

Iran is doing almost exact thing what the U.S. wants in Middle-East. Both Iran and the U.S. have common interests. World is just watching another phony show.

Iran did everything upside down and sustain the chaos in Syria with the sectarian hate they started. Iran’s counterfeit threats against Israel contributed to legitimizing US support for Israel. Also Iran is economically wrecked due their military expenses in Syria. The U.S. sanctions have been another addition to roll their economy to deep black hole. According to these facts, Iran, technically, isn’t at the position that can’t harm Israel. Murdering innocent Sunni Muslims in Syria was the exact thing that Israel wanted and Iran did that. Many analysts and researchers are having hardship to see that but that’s the reason why the U.S. will never attack Iran.

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