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US military presence hinders development projects in Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s problem emanates from the fact that the international community arrived in the country with slogans of assistance and support. The public and political parties trusted them blindly. Seventeen years on and the unfortunate game that started in 2001 is restarting.

The current situation of security in Afghanistan has not only raised serious concerns among people but it has also affected the progress of development projects badly. Amid these disappointments, the people also have some hopes for the future of some development projects but the growing insecurity has created major challenges in this regard.

In fact, the government has been making efforts to maintain stability and ensure the smooth progress of the development projects. However, the rising security threats have made it difficult for the national unity government to ensure the security of the development projects. Strengthening the security of development projects is one of the key responsibilities of the national unity government and foreign forces in Afghanistan.

In fact, construction of dams, power generation and construction of highways such as Gardan Dewal Road [in the central provinces], 1000 Electricity Transmission and Trade Project for Central Asia and South Asia (CASA), the 500 kilovolts transmission line coming from Turkmenistan as well as the extension of transmission lines to central provinces are part of the key development projects launched during President Ghani’s term in office.

However, these projects cannot be completed unless security threats are tackled. In fact, the situation of insecurity has reached its peak since the fall of the Taliban.

But what is the main objective of US presence in Afghanistan?

In fact, the US troops still do not know the main objective of their presence in Afghanistan and even the US government cannot adopt a concrete strategy towards Afghanistan.

Lack of a concrete strategy has greatly undermined the purpose of the US’s military presence in Afghanistan. The current strategy of America and NATO has been proved useless. Moreover, the continued presence of NATO and America in Afghanistan raises the question that why America does not want to learn from its mistakes.

There are two theories: The first theory points to the inability of the NATO state-members and the United States to analyse the situation in Afghanistan. Neither the US war strategists nor Washington’s allies know how to put an end to this war and restore peace in Afghanistan. That is why despite all efforts, America has not been able to get itself out of the crisis in Afghanistan.

The second theory is – both America and its allies know very well how an end to the devastating war in Afghanistan but they simply do not want this war to end because they are pursuing other goals in Afghanistan and the region. People have been kept in the dark about the actual goals of America and its allies in Afghanistan; but, they should realise the fact that such secret goals will prove to be harmful not only for America but also for Afghanistan and the entire region and the world.

Some Afghans believe that the US mission in Afghanistan revealed that America’s aim is not to eliminate terrorists but to support them. The US on one hand chants slogans to curb terrorism but on the other hand, it supports the supporters of terrorists.

One of the biggest mistakes and wrongdoing of the Afghan government officials, political personalities and groups is that they emphasise on repeating the same old and failed experiments. A living nation may be deceived once or even twice in the present day world of deception. However, being deceived multiple times, trusting with closed eyes, and expecting peace from the trader of death and destruction is either the height of stupidity and incompetence or intentionally collaborating with foreign projects.

The people of Afghanistan are yearning for peace and they want an end to this war and bloodshed, as they have been the main victims and the actual sufferers of the ongoing war in the central Asian country. They have welcomed the presence of foreign troops in their country with the hope that the international community would bring peace and prosperity to them. People have one question in mind which has never been answered and that is – how long this situation will continue and for how long the defenceless people will suffer and continue to pay the price for this war.

Analyse by: Dowran

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