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Turkish Naval Forces Command continues its massive drill in 3 seas surrounding Anatolia

Denizkurdu-2019, planned by Turkish Naval Forces Command, continues with the participation of 131 ships, 57 aircraft and 33 helicopters in three seas surrounding Anatolia.

Denizkurdu-2019, one of the largest planned drills organized simultaneously in the three seas surrounding Anatolia, was launched at the Gölcük Naval Main Base Command with the rise of the Turkish flag to ships those will go to drill.

5 frigates, 2 corvettes and 4 assault boats were leave from the Gölcük Naval Main Base Command.

In this direction, port exit training was carried out under the asymmetric threat in Değirmendere.

Within the scope of the “Exclusive Observer Day”, approach maneuver and fuel supply at sea were carried out.

Within the framework of the exercise, two frigates approached a simulated fuel vessel. In the meantime, the refueling equipment was sent to the frigates from the ship.

While the training is being carried out successfully, the course of floating elements from the Gölcük Naval Main Base Command continues to the field of practice.

Within the scope of the annual exercise program of the Turkish General Staff, drills will be carried out in three seas at the same time as the Black Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Naval Forces Command will perform a strategic and operative Navy Exercise on the basis of a wide participation, advanced crisis, tension and warfare scenarios.

Committed troops participate in the exercise, which is aimed at increasing the level of preparation for the operation of ships and sea air vehicles, with the percentage of ships, sea patrol aircraft and marine helicopters that are rare even in the developed naval forces of the world.

One of the biggest exercises of Naval Forces, Denizkurdu has 131 ships, 57 aircraft and 33 helicopters and 25 thousand 900 personnel in its inventory.

In the exercise, which started with the movements of the bases and ships from the ports and bases, until the 17th of May, the base of the operation, which includes the salvage of submarine defense warfare, air defense warfare, amphibious operation, mine warfare, electronic warfare, sea control operation and submarine personnel rescue trainings and actual training will be held with preparatory training.

Tactical air effort and airborne warning control aircraft from the Air Forces Command, combat and general purpose helicopters from the Turkish Land Forces will join trainings, and on duty functions will be carried out by the coastal troops affiliated with the Naval Forces Command.

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