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Turkey to build 109 of Black Hawk helicopters

109 Blackhawk helicopter will be produced in Turkey under the license of Sikorsy in the context of general purpose helicopter project by SSM and Sikorsky.

Minister Işık visited the aircraft company Sikorsky as part of his US program. Işık, who visited the company’s factory, made various investigations. Information received from the authorities about the company and produced helicopters, made statements after the review.

Turkish Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, Fikri Işık: “Within the framework of this project, Sikorsky first time in the international sales business share of Turkish industry, gave the commitment to use the capabilities of domestic industry in Turkey. Sikorsky will make meetings and coordinate the meetings between original equipment manufacturers and prospective Turkish industry partners on items that do not possess intellectual property rights. Within the scope of this article, it is important to give work shares to local companies other than TUSAŞ, ASELSAN, TEI and ALP Havacılık AŞ.”

Minister Işık emphasizing that they care very lightly that companies in Turkey to sell more products to be able to enter their supply chain of Sikorsky and Lockheed Martin group , “The picture we saw in our factory inspections made us proud. We are very pleased to see that the most critical parts of Sikorky produces in Eskişehir and Ankara. We want more Turkish companies to produce and sell goods to them.” Minister Işık said.

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