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Tension between the US – Iran started over again: Another phony show is about to stage?

B-52 bombers have commenced air operations from the US base in Qatar, as Washington continues to amass its forces in the Persian Gulf. The White House says it is to deter an alleged Iranian ‘attack on US interests’.

US Central Command (CENTCOM) made no attempt to keep Sunday’s operations secret, broadcasting photos of the B-52H Stratofortress bombers as they took off from Al Udeid Air Base near Doha, Qatar.

B-52s can’t change general strategy balance against Iran. The B-52s would work for what? It wouldn’t make sense to think they’re going to hit traffic junctions in Tehran. If the B-52s were brought, and would be used, there is only one way to use them. The U.S. can target Iran’s nuclear infrastructure and destroy at once.

The U.S. has also sent deployed USS Abraham Lincoln to the Middle East to send a “clear and unmistakable message” to Iran. A warship, USS Arlington, with amphibious vehicles and aircraft on board, will also join the USS Abraham Lincoln strike group in the Gulf. They actually needed to come the Gulf, and eventually they came.

Moving military forces around is an usual routine. Media is polishing war headlines, and this is a well-known old tactic.

And latest, The U.S. is sending a Patriot missile-defence system to the Middle East. Patriot batteries had been withdrawal 3 months ago because of there was no need, and the U.S. can’t defend a massive geography with a single Patriot battery.

Another fact is the U.S. cannot gain advantage over Iran with moving those forces to Middle East and Gulf.

The U.S. might had got really an intelligence. What were they saying before? There is intelligence that we are concerning that ship traffic can be attacked. If you got an intelligence, you would keep it silent, you won’t broadcast it.

Then the situation surfaced in following:

Four cargo vessels with various nationalities on board are targeted off at UAE’s eastern coast in an “act of sabotage” at last Sunday.

The targeted vessels were the Amjad, Al Marzoqah, A. Michel and Andrea Victory, according to the U.A.E. government official.

Al-Marzoqah vessel had loaded with oil. It had loaded oil from Saudi Arabia and was on his way to the US. Things gets complicated here, we conclude that US oil was attacked. Amjad vessel was there to load oil for the US too. There were hundreds of cargo vessels in the Strait of Hormuz, and two of them affiliated to the US were attacked. Coincidence, intentionally or false flag? Take it which one suits to you.

Hormuz strait is importat to energy transfering for world. Iran has repeatedly threatened to retaliate to the U.S. measures by blocking the Strait of Hormuz – though which about a fifth of all oil consumed globally pass.

Trump’s $110 billion worth arms deal which he praises Saudi Arabia a lot for doesn’t exist. There is no $110 billion deal. Instead, there are a bunch of letters of interest or intent, but not contracts. All this situation creates plastic fear and it might be justify the weapon sale to Gulf states by the U.S.

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