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Major blow to PKK in Northern Iraq by Turkish Armed Forces

The Turkish Armed Forces provided complete control over the area of Bradost, which includes Hakurk, Bermize, Kalereş and Sidekan at north of Iraq.

In northern Iraq, Turkish Armed Forces reached a depth of 22 kilometers. It is learned that the Turkish soldiers also entered Barazgir Valley, which is known as the region that opened to Kandil.

The Turkish Armed Forces accelerated operations against the PKK camps in northern Iraq following the successful completion of the Operation Olive Branch against PKK/YPG terrorists in Afrin.

Turkish Armed Forces seized the rear logistic base of PKK and their pathways to Turkey.

The Bradost region was used as a transition base extending from Şemdinli line to Hakkâri, Van, Ağrı, Bitlis Erzurum, Erzincan and Armenia. Controlled area will block this route.

It has been stated that the 14 senior managers of terrorist organization has been fled from the Bradost region after the operations which is still continuing. Sources from the field said that number of 2000 terrorists tried to infiltrate to Turkey during in the Operation Olive Branch in Afrin but they were failed to do that and they had to return to Kandil.

Brodast region is really tough, especially Hakurk camp and bases had big importance to infiltrate to Turkey for terrorists. PKK terrorists had to return to Kandil. We could say that they don’t have options to escape from this situation.

While operations were intensifying in the Bradost-Sidekan region, Turkish Armed Forces reached the Barazgir Valley, the most critical gate of Kandil. Sources say that Barazgir Valley has a very big importance, because seizing of the enterence of Barazgir Valley, the northern Iraq movement of the PKK terrorist organization will be largely prevented.

The Bradost and Barazir regions had strategic significance for the PKK terrorists. Bradost was used in the transition region to Turkey. Barazgir Valley was used as a passage base from Kandil to the north of Syria and Sincar.

Taken control of Bradost closed the “north-passage” line. Controlling of Barazgir Valley, which is known as the region that opened to Kandil will block the passage line to north of Syria and Sincar.

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