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A bird downed F-35B fighter, damage is at least 2 million dollars

The US military said that an F-35 warplane had suffered million-dollar damage as a result of a collision with the bird.

According to the statement, the F-35B aircraft, which take off from a military base in Japan, was seriously damaged when a bird was struck during the departure.

As a result of an accident the plane canceled the flight. The pilot did not suffer.

The US military reported the incident as “A category” while the warplane was being damaged. Accordingly, the damage to the aircraft is at least 2 million dollars.

Last month, a Japan-owned F-35 crashed into the sea shortly after taking off.

The production cost of each of the F-35B aircraft 115 million dollars. F-35 issue has been occupying an important place in the world agenda for a long time.

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