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70th Anniversary of Rotten and Stinking Structure: NATO

Twelve Allies founded NATO in 1949. Today members are 29. Alliance is just a word for NATO. Countries are after their interest instead backing each other as NATO claims. Betray became an unwritten rule in NATO.

The aim of NATO is to make profit for the U.S. arm companies and maintain the chaos around the world. The first and only offer to be accepted comes from US companies if any NATO member country wants to buy weapons.

US President Donald Trump turn out a racketeer to Lockheed Martin with a reason of NATO spending.

NATO seeked to weaken the Middle East through armed insurrections. The U.S. backed-YPG/PKK terrorist organization is the biggest example for this case.

The U.S. did not cooperate with Turkey (2nd largest army in NATO) to eliminate Daesh in Syria because messy proxy war needed to continue in order to make profit.

There was noteworthy situation took place in 2015.  Russian Su-24, an all-weather attack aircraft, was shot down by Turkish F-16s in the Turkey-Syria border area on 24 November. NATO stayed at behind while crise was escalating, didn’t backed Turkey against Russia. “All together” mean nothing in tough times for NATO.

Recently Turkey is getting S-400 air defense system.  Turkey, a NATO member state, wanted purchase the Patriot missile system from the U.S. many times. Somehow all offers been rejected. Sometimes you can’t buy anything you want from the U.S. if your agenda makes conflict with their plan.

Radical Evangelist Mike Pence made a remark with a tweet about Turkey’s S-400 purchase:

The U.S. risked the security of partnership by weaponizing YPG / PKK terrorist organization.

YPG / PKK has extensive crime network such as kidnapping, murder, narcotic trafficking, cutting deal with Daesh, using children as soldier, raping women.

Turkey has historically been the US’ strongest NATO ally in the region through the Cold War and beyond. It was a insulting stab in the back when the US jumped into bed with the PKK/YPG terrorists an affiliate of the worst terrorist organization to harm Turkey.

The US action siding with the YPG terrorists who give 4,500-5,000 truckloads of weapons to the PKK is a direct act of treason against Turkey.

Despite of the US’ blackmail with F-35s, Turkey is receiving S-400 air defense system.

Without Turkey, NATO will just a platoon. Turkey is better off alone and that’s crystal obvious.

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